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We Are RN Solutions

We are to provide our distributed agile software development service via a dedicated team responsible for the entire lifecycle of the platform including the support of integrating 3rd party engines.

RN Solutions Outsourcing

We follow the Agile Development Process and try the best agile practices amongst the team and with clients, such as continuous integration, continuous delivery, etc. Based on your user stories or similar requirements, we deliver visible working software in iterations of one or two weeks. Unconditional refund is offered if you are not satisfied with the deliveries of the latest interaction.

We put customer satisfaction as a major priority. Unlike many software engineering companies, we ensure efficient custom software development. In case you are not satisfied with the results achieved, we won't charge you for the work done by our software developers in the course of the first two weeks of the project.

RN Solutions Outsourcing
RN Solutions Outsourcing
Perfectionists to the Core

RN Solutions development team is highly geared in developing customized software’s in a vast range of operating platforms and programming languages, with over 10 years of experience in the industry We are proud to state that we are able to provide you robust applications, seamless integration, and top notch software solutions.

The Software Development methodology
  • Identify & Understand your Requirement:
    •     ~ Platform of your choice
    •     ~ Built to suit your needs
    •     ~ Enhanced user experience
    •     ~ Custom features and functionality that drives
    •        conversions
  • Analyze your objectives and goals
  • Hybrid delivery model
  • Conceptualize your solution
  • Reduced Development costs
  • Provide room for feedback