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We Are RN Solutions

We provide various software consultancy services to its clients. We can work on building customized software for your business needs. The model envisaged is more in terms of providing consultancy for bringing you technology solutions. This consultancy can be in the form of feasibility studies, evaluations, validation of concepts, etc.

Our Focus Areas
  • Industrial solutions
  • Client Server application
  • Web and E-commerce
  • Multi-Media application
  • Local & Wide Area Network
  • Internet/Intranet applications
  • Distributed Computing and Components
  • Object Oriented Application Development
Training Services

RN Solutions Software Training Services for Installation (e.g., InstallShield and InstallAnywhere) products help maximize the value of your software investment. Our Software offers flexible, comprehensive training services allowing students to gain the knowledge and experience needed for superior results. Our practical approach lets you learn quickly through step-by-step procedures using real-world scenarios. In addition to broadening your own technical skills, you will head back to the office with increased productivity and efficiency. Armed with industry best practices, users quickly streamline processes and realize the full potential of their software investments.