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CCTV Surveillance System

In recent years CCTV software has meant video analytics: crunching the visual data streamed from network cameras and performing real-time event detection and post-event analysis. Harnessing the immense processing power of modern computers modern analytics platforms can now offer people counting, heat mapping, facial recognition and a host of other features allowing operators to track suspects and discern patterns amid the noise – and without constant monitoring by a human.

RN Solution is a specialist provider of high end CCTV camera system & software solutions for home and other premises security installations.

RN Solutions can provide :
  • Analog – A traditional set-up where the cameras are connected via coaxial cable to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or monitor
  • IP – A mainstream, higher quality camera set-up that connects to a networked server, allowing footage to be recorded and viewed anywhere via the internet
  • Hybrid – For businesses with analog cameras looking forward to adding to existing units, a hybrid system allows both analog and the higher quality IP cameras to run off the same DVR
Access Control

Why install Access Control – It is essential for any business ensure that people entering their property have the correct authorization to do so. Even when staff or visitors are on the premises, you may have restricted areas which need to be secure.

RN Solutions offers flexible, integrated access control solutions to meet your security and business requirements. Efficiently and reliably manage multiple access points to control risk, improve business efficiency, ensure business continuity and increase profitability.

RN Solutions can provide :
  • Manage your system from one or many locations
  • Manage your employee’s access across all your locations
  • Easily assign or suspend access cards or fobs for your employees
  • Temporarily elevate or reduce access privileges and times
  • Manage access for doors, elevators, car parks and vehicles
  • Assign high security dual user access or anti pass back policies
  • Use the event log to verify and report on all access events and violations

Our web-based access control solution that allows Building Managers and authorized personnel to securely control and monitor their facility anytime, anywhere.

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